Our Board and Committees

Board members

John Egoff – Chair
Connie Renna – Vice Chair
Richard Beatty – Secretary-Treasurer
Mike Braga
Don Daggett
Paul Drouillard
Laurie Hornell
Sharon Livingstone
Nicola Melchers
Pedro Ribeiro
Dave Walden – Past Chair



Connie Renna (Chair), Richard Beatty, Paul Drouillard, Tom Everrett, Terry Kratz, Pedro Ribeiro, Blair Webber

Grants and Community Leadership

Laurie Hornell (Chair), Tamara Louks, Diana Drackley, Jessica Walden, Linda Terry (Resource), Pat Singleton, Kim Fowler, Rosalyn McKay, Anne Cadoret, Paul Heath, Pedro Ribeiro, April Edworthy

Endowment Building – North Dumfries Group

John Egoff (Chair), Anne Quin, Sue Foxton, Bob Miller, Reg Cressman

Endowment Building – Cambridge Group

John Egoff, Nicola Melchers, Laurie Hornell, Don Daggett


Sharon Livingstone (Chair), John Egoff, Dave Walden, Mike Braga

Finance and Audit

Richard Beatty (Chair), John Egoff, Mike Braga


The Board of Directors is appointed by a nominating committee as mandated by the Community Foundation’s bylaws, and membership may include present and past Board Members, and other individuals from the community.



Graham Mathew Professional Corporation

Investment Managers

The Rae Lipskie Partnership
Walter Scott & Partners
Franklin Templeton Bissett
TD Asset Management


Anne Lavender (Executive Director)
Sherri Attwooll (Events & Operations Support)