Grant Opportunities for North Dumfries

Have a GREAT IDEA for your North Dumfries community that we can support?

Grant applications are now being accepted until April 6, 2018.

We invite proposals from Qualified Donees for projects/programs that primarily serve the communities and/or local residents of North Dumfries.

In compliance with CRA rules, non-profit organizations without charitable status will be eligible for funding, provided they have an established partnership or agency relationship with a Qualified Donee. The Qualified Donee agrees to receive the funds from the community foundation for the NPO’s proposed project.

A written agreement reflecting such a partnership and signed by both parties will be necessary to proceed to possible grant approval.

Click here to see our Partnership Agreement between Non-Charity and Qualified Donee template. (For further information, please call us at 519-624-8972 or send us an e-mail at

“We offered learning stations so as to reach the largest number of boysAyr-Summer-Fun-Hockey-Skills-pic-cropped and girls on 1 ice pad. The 12 or so volunteers kept the 40-45 kids moving continuously on ice in a fun learning environment.”

– Tim Barrie, Ayr Summer Fun Hockey Skills Program, 2015 North Dumfries Smart & Caring Grant Recipient

Grants are made possible through the North Dumfries Smart & Caring Fund. Learn more about giving a gift to the North Dumfries Smart & Caring Community Fund today.


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