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One time or monthly donations are greatly appreciated.

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Flexible, personalized and knowledgeable giving.

We value your donation. We know you have many options and choices when it comes to the dollars you invest in our community. Taking a long-term view, we work hard to foster community vitality while helping you reach your philanthropic goals.

We view our donors as partners in building a strong community. We make it easy to create a fund or make a donation that meets your desired outcome by putting your gift to work in any of our Endowed Funds, multiplying the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts. An endowed fund means your gift keeps giving forever.

Your support is vital in providing long-term sources of funding – supporting a wide range of initiatives which sustain and improve the quality of life in Cambridge & North Dumfries.

Your donation will continue to make a difference. Forever.

  • we grant locally to support local people
  • your investment is helping build a stronger Cambridge & North Dumfries.
  • we strive to understand and learn about our community and share what we know
  • your gift will be pooled with other gifts for maximum impact

Are you interested in…

  • Starting a fund? We have more information here.
  • Supporting our work with a gift? Check out our Impact Fund.
  • Giving in honour/in memory of someone special? Visit our Funds List page to see if that special someone has an existing fund within the Community Foundation.


we make lasting legacies easy:

An Endowment is a gift that keeps on giving

When you give to the Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation, you give a gift to your community. The difference is….forever. Learn how we make endowments easy.

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Making bequests & other gifts

We help donors make gifts to the community of all sorts – from cash, to real estate, gifts of insurance or securities and estate planning – with practical advice and cost-saving experience.

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How we help professional advisors

Our team is here to help your client make their investment in our community today and tomorrow smooth sailing. We’ll work with you to provide your client with a flexible, simple solution.

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Your donation, your choice: how it works:

Every donation, large or small, contributed in one gift or over time serves to benefit the people of Cambridge & North Dumfries. Our family of funds offer you all kinds of flexibility so that you may direct your donation as you see fit. By adding your gift to others’ donations in the fund, you can contribute to the needs of our community for the long-term. Here is an example of how you can contribute. A detailed list of our funds and options can be found here.


Community Fund

By pooling smaller donations into an unrestricted endowment fund, the investment income is able to meet the needs of our community.

Donor Advised Funds

By identifying charities to benefit, Individuals and corporations get involved in the granting process.

Donor Designated Funds

Provide a lasting gift to your favourite charities from the income generated by an endowed fund.

Field of Interest Fund

Our dedicated Grant Selection Team will select a worthy charity in your specified area of interest.

Scholarship Funds

Support the education of deserving students in your name, a company name or in honour of a special person.

Agency Endowed Funds

An Agency Endowed Fund is created by a charitable organization and administered by the Foundation. This gives the organization and the donor the confidence of knowing that a permanent foundation is in place to support the organization long term.