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Kids to Camp – the gift of friendship and memories

I can imagine it now. The experiences and the newly formed friendships of kids that have an opportunity to go to camp.

Kids to Camp LogoAn opportunity thanks to a partnership between Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation (CNDCF), and the Waterloo Region Record & Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Kids to Camp Fund.

Remember that feeling?  A hot dusty day of playing hard followed by a hand in hand group plunge into the local pool? Sitting side by side with friends enjoying a popsicle, the shade of a tree and the feeling of grass beneath your feet? I can remember that feeling and I am delighted that the Kids to Camp partnership for children in Cambridge & North Dumfries will allow children in financial need the opportunity to experience camp this summer.

This partnership not only benefits the children, I can also imagine the relief for parents. The feeling of knowing your children are well cared for and having fun while you are at work. The relief in knowing the costs associated with those experiences will be paid for through the kids to camp subsidy.

Meet Sara

That sense of relief was true for Sara, a single Mom with 3 children, 1 of which has special needs. Sara looks for opportunities, close to home, for her children to participate in different day camps throughout the summer. She bases her decisions on her children’s needs, their age, and of course, family resources available for camp.

Sara’s local Neighbourhood Association provides after school care for her children and also runs a summer day camp program. Sara had decided to enroll all three children in the camp at the Neighbourhood Association for several weeks this summer. While the costs are not extravagant, it still required some creative budgeting on Sara’s part.

Once the Executive Director of Sara’s Neighbourhood Association found out that Kids to Camp Funding had been secured through CNDCF, she knew that one family she needed to talk to was Sara’s. You see, Sara had already written postdated cheques for the summer.

Good news on a rainy day

When Sara realized that she would not have to pay as much for camp, she was overwhelmed, teary and very appreciative.

On a rainy Thursday evening this spring, when Sara arrived to pick-up her children from the after school program, the Executive Director put several of Sara’s cheques back in an envelope and returned them to her. She explained that Kids to Camp Funding would help cover some of the costs for her children to come to camp this summer. When Sara realized that she would not have to pay as much for camp, she was overwhelmed, teary and very appreciative.

While I can guess that this small gesture made Sara’s day, I know for sure that it made mine.

More good news for Kids to Camp

Through the Kids to Camp Partnership, over $49,000 was granted to 18 Organizations in 2014 to support children and their families in Cambridge & North Dumfries by offering subsidies for the fees associated with camp registration.

The Waterloo Region Record and Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Kids to Camp Fund enables children, in need of financial assistance, to attend a variety of day, overnight, recreational and educational camps.


Lisa Short

Lisa Short

Former Executive Director (2013-2017)

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