2022 Grant Season

We support our community in many different ways, including funds for camp subsidies, for new community initiatives, ongoing projects and programs, and providing funding for scholarships for local students going on to post-secondary studies. Our annual grant cycles begin with the submission of an application. Every application is thoroughly reviewed and ultimately approved by our Board of Directors.



Opens: January 24, 2022

Closes: February 25, 2022

the Waterloo Region Record-Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Kids to Camp Fund annually provides grants to local organizations for the purpose of enabling children and youth in need of financial assistance to attend a variety of overnight, recreational and educational camps.

The Kids to Camp fund receives annual contributions from The Waterloo Region Record-Lyle S. Hallman Foundation and generous individuals in our community. Every dollar received goes directly to fund camp subsidies.



Opens: March 7, 2022

Closes: April 1, 2022

Our Community Grants program provides small grants to support valuable and creative initiatives in our community.

The maximum grant amount allocated for Community Grants has traditionally been $2,500. This year we will be entertaining applications with larger requests (no maximum has been set by the board of directors at this time).

We ask applicants to identify the total funds needed for the program or project. Approved applications that do not receive full funding will be presented to our Donor-Advised fund-holders for consideration.



Open: March 28, 2022

Close: April 29, 2022

Every year, we work with the Public and Catholic Secondary schools within Cambridge and North Dumfries to award scholarships to deserving graduating students seeking financial assistance for their post-secondary educations.

Nominations for Scholarships may only be submitted by the school principal or designate on behalf of the student. Some scholarships may require additional information from nominated students.