Our Community Grants program provides small grants to support valuable and creative initiatives in our community. These are made possible by our endowed Field of Interest and Smart & Caring Community Funds. Areas such as Arts & Culture, Children & Youth in Recreation, Children & Youth at Risk, Environment, and Early Literacy are generously supported each year by our Field of Interest Funds. As well, our Smart & Caring Community Funds distribute grants to a wide range of programs and projects.

The maximum grant amount allocated for Community Grants has traditionally been $2,500. This year we will be entertaining applications with larger requests (no maximum has been set by the board of directors at this time).

We ask applicants to identify the total funds needed for the program or project. Approved applications that do not receive full funding will be presented to our Donor-Advised fund-holders for consideration.

Since 2019, we asked grant applicants to help us track the impact of their programs/projects by identifying which of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals their work addresses.  Learn more here.

Organizations wanting to know more about how to incorporate the UN SDG’s into their work can read the Community Foundations Canada publication entitled CFC-SDG Guidebook & Toolkit here.


The 2022 Community Grant are now closed

Community Grants Open March 2023

The following criteria will help you determine the eligibility of your proposed grant request.

We consider requests for:

  • program development,
  • pilot projects,
  • equipment,
  • program resources,
  • small capital projects, and
  • other initiatives that strengthen the community within Cambridge and North Dumfries

NOTE: Any of the above requests may include amounts for the program/project operating expenses. However, a grant proposal that is generally focused on salaries and the organization’s overhead expenses will not be considered for funding.

Community Grants are not available for the following purposes:

  • conference attendance,
  • religious or political purposes,
  • team or club sponsorship/membership,
  • deficit reduction/general operating expenses,
  • scholarship or fellowships,
  • tours or travel outside the community,
  • fundraising campaigns,
  • funding organizations seeking funds for others

Interests Supported

Through its grant-making opportunities, Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation is committed to seeding, nurturing, supporting and strengthening our community. Grants are disbursed to a wide range of registered charities in Cambridge and North Dumfries in the following categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Environment
  • Youth and Recreation
  • Early Literacy
  • Children & Youth at Risk
  • Unrestricted

If you are unsure about the eligibility of your program/project, please contact Bonnie Dion at 519-624-8972 ext. 202 or by email.

Factors Affecting Funding:

While we make it our goal to approve funding for all vital programs and projects in our local community, various factors may affect funding decisions, including:

  • Past grant evaluation reports — including project financial reports that show how previous grants were utilized;
  • Audited/non-audited financial statements;
  • Change to charitable status, or non-profit status without a charitable partner;
  • Project/Program concept in relation to current community needs;
  • Project/Program target population (Cambridge & North Dumfries vs. Regional) – while we support programs that extend their services to the entire region, local needs will be given priority;