This week we are featuring our friend April Edworthy, volunteer with the Foundation. April has been a part of our Food for Thought Committee and currently serves on our Community Grants Committee conducting grant reviews for Kids to Camp Grants and Cambridge Community Grants.

April shared a bit about her and her involvement with the foundation.

Tell us a bit about you!
I was born and raised in Galt, and now call North Dumfries home. My husband Kael and I run a business also located in North Dumfries. We have 2 sons Sawyer and Tate.  I enjoy keeping fit, travelling, listening to old vinyl records and nothing beats grabbing a great cup of coffee to take along on a gallery stroll or an aimless wander discovering new places and seeing new sights.

What brought you to the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation?
My introduction to CNDCF was originally made when I was worked as the Events Coordinator to assist with the annual Food For Thought event.  During this time I learned more about the workings of The Foundation. It truly impressed me. My family has over a 100 year history in Galt. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather have all been local business owners. Both my great grandfather and grandfather were involved with community through softball and baseball. My grandparents John and Luella Slee were always a great source of information to me about this city’s great history. Both of them were also very generous and giving people. Gratitude and generosity, whether it be for the neighbour that shovelled your driveway or the charitable organization in need, were traits I will always remember they possessed. The fund in their memory was created to continue this legacy. I am proud to know that because the fund is on-going and will be there forever that my children and generations to come will and learn the importance of philanthropy.

Tell us how you are involved with the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation?
Currently, I am a member of the Kids To Camp Grants and Community Grants committees. I previously worked on the Food For Thought Committee for 3 years. To honour the impact my paternal grandparents played in our lives, my sister and I started the J.F. & Luella Slee Memorial Fund.

What is your favorite thing about the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community?
There isn’t a specific thing that I could pinpoint as my favourite attribute of The Foundation. In terms of charitable giving it is reassuring to know that the community grants will continue and that the donors are making gifts that are “forever” gifts. There are many different options for donors and CNDCF is eager make sure your gifts are tailored to your specific wishes. The Board of Directors consists of very community minded, dedicated and giving individuals. In addition, the volunteers are tireless and truly committed to the community.

What are your hopes for the future of our community?
My hopes for this community are that as it continues to grow at that it still maintains that small community feel. The 3 downtown cores of Cambridge, and the villages and green spaces that make up The Township of North Dumfries, are filled with great people, amazing shops, businesses, beautiful sights and interesting history. There are many issues facing our community. Mental health, financial well-being, the safety of our children and youth are only a few examples. I truly believe the programs and organizations committed to assisting the residents of Cambridge and North Dumfries Township are making a positive impact. I hope to see them continue their success with everyone working together to maintain a strong healthy community.

April’s commitment to our community and involvement with the Foundation is admirable! Thank you for all you do!