This week we are featuring House of Friendship! House of Friendship works each day to influence progressive, community-wide solutions for the future so those in Waterloo Region who are struggling with the effects of low income or addiction can enjoy a healthy community where they know they matter and they are significant.  Together with community leaders, partners, donors and volunteers, they come alongside families and individuals in our community who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, poverty or addiction, listening to each unique story, honouring their individual creativity, resilience and potential.  House of Friendship opens doors, and connects people, to help them become all they can be – whether they are the ones serving or the one being served.  They work together to find creative and innovative solutions to make this a community in which everyone can belong and thrive.

Margaret Lucas, Development Director answered a few questions for us so we could learn more about House of Friendship.

How is your organization involved with the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation?
Having served the community of Cambridge for over 35 years, we are so thankful to be able to partner with the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation to better meet the needs represented in this community.  Specifically, we have created a strategic partnership in support of our Close to Home capital campaign which will bring men’s residential addiction treatment, and day treatment for men and women, to 562 Concession Road in Cambridge (formerly Haven House).  We are thankful for the incredible support from the Board, staff and donors of this community-focused foundation!

What is your favourite thing about the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community?
We love how passionate and dedicated this community is to gather around challenges and collaboratively find solutions to create a preferred future.  A great example of this has been the response to the opioid crisis locally.  Citizens, leaders and partners are listening, discussing, debating, testing and acting on solutions to a difficult challenge.  We are thankful to be a part of these authentic conversations, always holding on to hope.

How does House of Friendship hope to make an impact on the future of our community?
Simply, we want to ensure that community members who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, poverty or addiction live in a healthy community where they can belong and thrive for many years to come, both in the City of Cambridge and across the Region of Waterloo.  We know we are stronger together – together with those who want to get involved, personally or professionally, to help meet the social justice needs of this community.  To increasingly connect community members with solutions, either to help or be helped, we need to amplify the voices of those in need, to give purpose to those who want to do good, and, together, shape the future for the immediate years ahead of us, and for the 20, 30, 50 years after us.  Our commitment to those we serve compels us to learn and grow, to innovate, and to influence positive solutions in step with the growing, changing, compassionate community of Cambridge.

You can connect with House of Friendship here:
Facebook Page: @houseoffriendshipwr
Twitter: @hofwatreg