This week we would like to recognize Pat Singleton, who recently retired from being the Executive Director of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank for 24 years. Pat has done amazing work in the community and continues to do so through her volunteer work. We are happy to have Pat volunteer some of her time with us here at CNDCF as a member of the community grants review committee.

Tell us about yourself!

I retired within the past year which has provided me the opportunity to spend more time with family & friends and continue to give back to our community.

Tell us how you are involved with the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation.

I have really enjoyed my time with the Foundation reviewing Community Grants and most recently, volunteering at the Mayors Luncheon.

What brought you to the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation?

Over the past number of years I was involved in applying for grants from the Foundation with the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.  As well, I have always enjoyed attending Food for Thought events over the years.

What is your favourite thing about the Cambridge and/or North Dumfries community?

I truly appreciate all our community offers and their desire to help one another.  I have experienced this generosity personally as I was raising my boys.
While there are some struggles and issues within our community, I also know there is a huge desire to help when & where possible.

What are your hopes for the future of our community?

I would like to think that we might endeavour to work together to bring a little more kindness to our families, our neighbourhood and our community.
I have to believe that within each of us is some hope to work towards ending the divisiveness in our community.

Thanks Pat, for your contribution and continuous advocacy for all members of our community!