This week we are featuring Josslin Insurance, 2017 David Borges award winner and a major partner in providing early literacy programs in Cambridge and North Dumfries. We talked with Amanda Sheer and she answered a few of our questions.

Describe your organization in a few words.

We’re a family-run brokerage with six offices in and around the region, providing insurance and advice for your home, car, business, farm, life, and disability. We pride ourselves on being a Real Insurance broker. What does “real” mean to us? It means being an independent broker who works in our client’s best interests, offering them a choice in the insurance options, ensuring they always have the right coverage, and being there when they need us. We also believe in making a real difference in our communities by hiring locally and giving back through donations to grassroots campaigns and supporting volunteerism in our staff.

Tell us how your organization is involved with the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation?

One of our strongest values is that we feel we have a duty to support communities where we live and work, which was recognized a short while ago when the CNDCF honored us with the David Borges award. Being relatively new to the community, we didn’t know what to expect from the Gala, but we were so impressed by the work that they do and the amazing people the Foundation attracts that we’ve chosen to support them ever since.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge and/or North Dumfries Community?

We enjoy how welcoming Cambridge is. It has the history and the character of an old city, but we also love the optimism of all the new projects and the great small business culture that we’ve seen in the short time we’ve been here. All of the events that happen throughout the summer are a great opportunity for us to connect with our community and for our people to enjoy with their families. There are such beautiful parks and trails in the area that it’s a great place to raise a family.



Twitter handle: @josslin_ins