Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre
Summer Playground 2020
Amount Granted: $2400

Because of health and safety concerns due to COVID-19, we were unable to run our in-person Summer Playground program. To continue to provide recreation opportunities for our families, we pivoted our original program by offering 7 weeks of Summer Camp in a Box and delivered to each family’s home.

Each week of boxes had a different theme and included materials and equipment for a craft, an art activity, a sport, and outdoor activity.  We delivered over 200 boxes over the 7 weeks.

We also launched a “Freezie Truck” program that connected us to the whole community on a weekly basis. Every Monday we drove through the streets of our neighbourhoods and handed out freezies to children.

“During the pandemic, I was working long hours as a nurse. Having the summer boxes for my children has been a wonderful resource and support for my family. They helped me worry less about my children being bored during the day while I was at work for long hours.”

Fiddlesticks Community Centre
Summer Playground/Summer Action Camp
Amount Granted: $2050

We operated the pop up programs throughout our neighbourhood. This gave children and youth the opportunity to have some socially distanced recreation and social time in a safe, Covid Friendly environment. Pop up programming which consisted of four mini-events per day, one hour long, at four different parks within the neighbourhood.

Our camps operated in a ‘family grouping’ cohort model. Each group consisted of seven or eight children and two staff.  These camps were held 100 % outdoors.

Wendy has two children and the family is in the midst of a marital separation. The children are not reacting well to their new life without dad living at home. Their behaviour has been extremely challenging and being in a situation of isolation has been difficult on all of their mental health.

Wendy expressed, on more than one occasion that she does not know how the children would have coped had then not been able to attend camp. She was so appreciative of our support as well, as we did work with the children regarding how they were responding to their mom due to the separation. Wendy was so appreciative that she actually came to do some volunteer work outdoors after camp ended for the season.

Knox United Church
Fruits of Hope
Amount Granted: $1,000

Members of the community were invited to decorate their front lawns, balconies, or porches with messages of hope and encouragement during the pandemic – then the map of the route was shared so all the community to view and vote on categories.

Participants created a message of hope and encouragement to display on their property.
Members of the community toured the homes and voted on various categories.

One person at the presentation of the ribbons asked if we could do this event again next year, even if we have beaten the virus! She felt it truly brought all ages of the community together.

I was approached by another community who wanted to repeat this project in their community – a big ripple!

Nutrition for Learning
Student Nutrition Program – St. Brigid School, Ayr
Amount Granted: $1000

Nutrition for Learning created a pivot option of Pop Up Programs to supply student nutrition programs for students who normally rely on this program

The pop up alternative program has a ripple effect of the feeling of community when the children can have food for their own during the week as something special

Hi. We went to the nutrition for learning pop-up while school was out, and it was extremely helpful for us. THANK you Very much for doing what you’re doing,

-I am a teacher in the WRDSB, and I see firsthand the impact you make on so many students’ lives each and every day. I am grateful that you can carry on this initiative during the pandemic. Thank you for everything you do.- Thank you for all you have been doing to support our students while we have been out of the classroom. I am a teacher at Avenue Road Public School in Cambridge, and I know that many of our students have benefited from the kindness of your organization and volunteers. Take good care and thanks again