What’s On the Table?

On the Table is an event organized by Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF), and Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation (CNDCF) to encourage community connection.

Between September 27th and 29th, 2020, we invited community members to bring together their friends and/or colleagues for some food and refreshments, and to talk about what matters most to them.  Some folks held private gatherings, while others held public events.  Across Waterloo Region, more than 30 such gatherings were held, encouraging individuals to take the time to connect with one-another and engage in dialogue.

Solving social isolation is complicated, but connecting with people can be easy. Each host chose their own venue, arranged to serve food and drink, and talked about the issues and ideas they found most interesting, or that they felt the community needed to talk about.  Notes were taken and shared with the Community Foundation, giving us a snapshot of what was on people’s minds throughout Waterloo Region.

The initiative was so well received that we are planning to repeat the process in 2021, so watch for news this summer and early Fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be an On the Table Host

Choose to be the person who gets good things started.

Register to host an On the Table conversation, and contribute your imagination and energy to shaping conversations with friends old and new, all around a meal and a topic.

We’ve created all you need to get started:

Want to attend an event that is open to the public?

Visit the Calendar of Public Events that KWCF and CNDCF know about, and find out how to contact the host of an event you are interested in attending.

Calendar of Public Events (stay tuned)

We will update this as we hear of events happening across our region.

Private Conversations

Host: Pat Singleton

Food, Drink, & Topic: Desserts, Coffee/Tea, & High Five for Seniors

Host: Jacqueline Fountain

Food, Drink, & Topic: Baked Goods, Coffee/Tea, & Local Climate Resilience

Host Primer
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E-mail Template
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Questions? Contact us at info@cndcf.org

Thank you to our friends at The Chicago Community Trust and Vancouver Foundation for permitting us to adapt On the Table using their materials and insights for Waterloo Region.