In 2019, we incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) into our work by asking local organizations to let us know which of the goals our grants were impacting.  On a global level, governments, NGOs, community organizations and charities are shining a light where changes are needed. We wanted to report to our stakeholders how their donations were making a difference, as measured against the United Nation’s SDGs.

The work of community foundations already connected to many of the 17 SDGs, but as part of an international philanthropic movement, community foundations have an opportunity to further leverage knowledge, partners and activities in common purpose with others, connecting our efforts locally to a broader vision in order to improve the world around us.

We are pleased to provide our second report on this work and to congratulate our local charities for the positive changes they are making in the lives of Cambridge & North Dumfries residents.

How Do the UN SDGs Fit Into Our Community?

As of August 2020, our analysis indicates that the following are the four most-often impacted SDGs in Cambridge & North Dumfries:

* Hover over the data above to see how many grants were identified impacting that SDG.

Organizations wanting to know more about how to incorporate the UN SDG’s into their work can read the Community Foundations Canada publication entitled CFC-SDG Guidebook & Toolkit here.

As you can see, SDG #3: Good Health & Well-Being is by far the most often recorded goal by local agencies when they are identifying which goals their projects are impacting.

Our hope, moving forward, will be to see more of the 17 SDGs reflected in local initiatives.  We feel strongly that there needs to be more focus on creating & maintaining a sustainable environment, without which none of the other projects and programs will be effective.  As an example, good health and well-being are dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment.  Summer Camps and other outdoor programs will be impossible to deliver unless we do more to protect our environment.  We encourage all our stakeholders to consider how their work can help to create a healthier Cambridge & North Dumfries.

SDG #6: Clean Water & Sanitation

SDG #7: Affordable & Clean Energy

SDG #13: Climate Action

SDG #14: Life Below Water

We’re excited to continue tracking the 17 SDGs and learn how local organizations are making them a part of their regular program planning.  Moving forward, we encourage all our partners and stakeholders to consider how their work and practices impact the SDGs at every step.

Every individual and organization plays a role in ensuring a healthy world for future generations.

For more information on CNDCF’s report on the UN SDGs, please click here.