At the beginning of 2019, we introduced our goal of tracking how the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being impacted through the funding of Foundation grants. The purpose of the project was to report our community’s efforts in relation to the global sustainable development goals.  The work of community foundations already connects to many of the 17 SDGs. As part of an international philanthropic movement, community foundations have an opportunity to further leverage our knowledge, partners and activities in common purpose with others — connecting our efforts locally to a broader vision; to improve the world around us.

How Do the UN SDG's Fit Into Our Community?

*If you hover over the chart above, you will see how many grants were identified impacting that SDG.

As of August 2019, this is what we have gathered in tracking the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Cambridge & North Dumfries. It’s amazing to see the amount and diversity of SDGs that are prevalent in our communities!

What we have noticed in the collection of data, is that Good Health & Well-Being is by far the most recorded goal that grants, organizations, projects, and initiatives are recognizing in Cambridge & North Dumfries.

Two other goals that are shown to be highly recognized in the communities are Quality Education and surprisingly, Reduced Inequalities. We were happy to see that many projects and initiatives are focusing on Reduced Inequalities, and we hope to continue to see this in the future.

A goal that definitely needs more attention is Affordable & Clean Energy, as well as Clean Water & Sanitation, Climate Action, and Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure.

This has been an exciting task for us to see first-hand how local projects and initiatives affect the overall well-being of Cambridge & North Dumfries. We hope that by the end of 2019 that the Foundation, along with our community partners, have had an impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.